Monday, February 23, 2015

Sample Saturday's!

Every Saturday we will sample one or more of these brands we carry! What a great way to try them for yourself and see why we love and carry them in our store!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

My Blog

So here it goes... No sugar coating on this one. If you don't know me now you do. I am a pretty private person. I don't care to be noticed or recognized. I just want to do what I love, that's it. So 5 years ago as I owned an upholstery business I thought it would be fun to own a little boutique. My mom and I love to shop and love clothing so pretty fitting right, My dad was diagnosed with a brain tumor and something inside of me wanted to take care of my mom when he passes away or give her something to do. I was worried she would be so lonely. We could own a store and she could help me! I did have some experience owning a business but not a retail location. I just winged it. I love small qaint towns with history so I found a cute place in Jordan. I thought I was in good company with The Vinery across the street and Iris Vally a couple blocks away. Yes you do want to be close to other stores and yes we all carried a FEW similar versions of things. I only wanted to be open weekends since I still did upholstery. So about 8 months later I realized I really enjoyed it but knew I wanted more space. I looked around Jordan but also wanted to buy the building I was going to be in. I found a place in Chaska for sale that wasn't too big but the perfect size. It was old and had so much history. I loved it! At this time there were so many vacancies it was scary. I didn't have much money to advertise. I knew Mixed Company and Lillian's was there and that would help. Once again, yes we carried similar products but we're not right next to each other and I think respected the boundaries of business ediquite. Let me go back to what inspired me to open a store... First it was Cynthia Rae's in excelsior who inspired me. She just had a funky sense of style, eclectic, fun and I loved to go in her store. The prices were so good too! I was in my 20's and loved going there to pick out a fun top for the evening without breaking the bank! This is when most boutiques were pretty high end especially in excelsior. I loved Martins for sure and Ta Dah also. So that inspired me to have some more expensive items in the store and some affordable ones also. I love antiques and have a collection of tea cups! I would frequent Linda's Cellar and the stores in Carver for my decorations. I am shabby chic for sure. I was inspired by Rosie Posies who just knew how to put it all together.. Wow did they!!! So with all those inspirations Needful Things was born. And yes I did name it after the Steven King book. I am not twisted just thought it was an interesting concept. A man comes to an old small town and opens a store with something for everyone but is it things we really need? Probably not. So after purchasing the building I always knew I wanted to expand in the back area but couldn't right away. It took time. I didn't just go out and get a big loan. I bought items when I could. People always asked me if my furniture pieces were for sale. Maybe I should sell the furniture and fixtures that are used for props like Rosie Posie did. The only problem was I became too attached to the pieces!! That is why I love antiques. They are all so unique and pretty to look at. Oh well i am getting better at letting go. So then I decided to rent out space to another store that had the vintage furniture and items that would complement both of us but instead of doing it all myself. So that worked for a little while and when they left I just continued with that vision. Over the years I have changed. I have less clothes and more of a mixture of things. I like that. That's who I am. Some people say they buy for their customers and not what they like. I can't have something in my store that I don't like myself. Just can't do it. I am a pretty private person, straight forward. I served my country. Was in the Airforce for 4 years. I LOVE dark beer and love the new Badger Hill Brewery in Shakopee. I believe in God. Believe in integrity. I work my ass off for little pay but I enjoy it.  And there you go. I had many inspirations along the way. Sure I copied or took little pieces of them with me but put my own flavor in it.